Technical Tour To Sustainable Green Cities Europe



1. Copenhagen, Denmark

If you’re looking for a “green city” to visit, the capital of Denmark is an excellent option! Copenhagen is an eco-friendly city with sustainability at the heart of its urban planning and many of its policies. It aims to become carbon-neutral by 2025 and is home to Copenhill – a waste-to-power energy plant topped with a ski slope! Visit Copenhagen and explore by bicycle (it is one super bike-friendly city!), catch an electric bus, swim in the natural pools and snack on some delicious, local-grown organic goods.

2. Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon was named Europe’s Green Capital in 2020. The capital city of Portugal has embarked on a journey towards sustainability and economic growth, making it a role model for other cities looking to do the same. Lisbon is looking to become carbon-neutral by 2050 and is emphasising eco-friendly thinking across the city with initiatives such as bike-sharing and e-bikes (remember: Lisbon is a hilly city so it is great to get some help while pedalling!). Lisbon kicked off their year of being the Green capital when 4,500 locals planted 20,000 trees in one day in early January 2020.

3. Stockholm, Sweden

Many Scandinavian cities emphasise the importance of eco-friendly living and Stockholm, Sweden is one of them! Sweden’s capital has a super “green outlook”. It was one of the first cities to win the European Green Capital awards. Nearly half of the city consists of green spaces so you will never be short of fresh air – despite it being a popular, fast-growing metropolis! Stockholm’s citizens recycle all household waste. The city also aims to run completely on renewable energy by 2040! Visit Stockholm and enjoy the incredible outdoor spaces, tuck into eco-friendly food and make use of efficient public transport. And don’t forget to recycle!

4. Ljubljana, Slovenia

This historic city in Slovenia is steeped in stories and topped by an impressive castle. It is also an environmentally friendly city and was Europe’s Green Capital in 2016. The city is made up of 75% of green spaces and has a whopping 230km worth of cycling routes! Visit Ljubljana where you can stroll around the car-free city centre and get to spots across the capital using one of the Kavalirs (electric-powered vehicles which you can use for free). Meander under trees and along the riverbanks. Or even relax in one of the city’s green spaces with a picnic filled with local produce!

5. Oslo, Norway

Another Scandinavian capital with eco-friendliness at its heart! Oslo was the 2019 European Green Capital. It is filled with car-free districts as well as eco-friendly transport, accommodation and activities! Norway’s capital city is home to Vulkan – an environmentally friendly neighbourhood that is completely run by solar power and geothermal wells. From new developments to tourism, Oslo seeks to be as eco-conscious as possible! Visit Oslo and explore the city by bike or on foot. Head into the nearby forests for a hiking adventure or even go for a (sometimes icy!) morning swim at Tjuvholmen in the city centre!



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