Technical Tour Sustainable Green Cities US/Canada



The top 20 sustainable smart cities were determined based on each city’s ranking in:

  • Technological provision
  • Environmental, social, and economical sustainability
  • Economic and social development
  • Air quality
  • Energy transition towards renewables
  • Quality of living
  • Waste per population
  • Water sustainability
  • Human infrastructure & networked markets
  • ESG performance
  • Smart city ecosystem

Washington D.C. is committed to finding answers to the city’s environmental sustainability and climate change issues, which has been the main driver of the city’s smart innovation projects. And these projects have made a real change. Since 2006, the District has reduced its citywide carbon footprint by 31%.

Washington D.C. innovation projects feature the D.C. Smart City Initiative, a joint project involving municipal departments, the federal government, universities, BIDs, the tech sector, and anyone interested in using IoT technology to make D.C. smarter. Other initiatives include Resilient D.C., Vision ZeroSustainable D.C., and The Lab @ DC.


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